Processed Produce

We process at our in-house facility which offers a full line of processed produce with all standard cuts. Processed items we carry include:

Broccoli Florets
Cauliflower Florets

Cantaloupe Chunks
Pineapple Chunks
Honeydew Chunks

Onion/Pepper Medley
Onions, Chopped/Diced
Onions, Sliced
Onions, Slivered
Onions, Red Chopped/Diced
Onions, Red Sliced

Carrots, Peeled
Carrots, Shredded/Julienne
Carrots, Stick
Carrots, Sliced

Peppers, Chopped
Peppers, Slivered
Peppers, Red Slivered

Celery, Chopped
Celery, Sticks

Potatoes, Diced
Potatoes, Quartered "B" Size
Potatoes, Whole Peeled

Lettuce, Shredded
Lettuce, Chopped
Lettuce, Chopped w/ Romaine

Slaw, Chopped
Slaw, Shredded
Cabbage, Cut 1”
Cabbage, Red Shredded

Romaine, Chopped
Romaine, Shredded

Squash, Sliced Yellow
Zucchini, Sliced

Salad Mix
Salad Mix w/ Romaine

Tomatoes, Diced
Tomatoes, Sliced

Mushrooms, Sliced